Who are the people behind ClubSwitch?

ClubSwitch is a professional energy consultancy made up of a team of experienced and independent experts who are dedicated to ensuring that the specific needs of sports clubs are catered for. We have a mix of skills at ClubSwitch with expertise in energy procurement/projects as well as experienced sports administrators.

Isn’t ClubSwitch just another energy broker?

In a word, no! At ClubSwitch, we are for the very first time offering a service exclusively for sports clubs – no-one else. The people behind ClubSwitch are experts in their field and are all driven to ensure that clubs get access to the most cost effective tariffs available. We are well aware that many sports clubs have had a poor experience of the energy market – we’ve lost count of the stories you’ve told us about mis-selling, pressure-selling, hidden small-print and other contractual nasties. We are in business to provide the exact opposite – honesty, support and integrity.

How does ClubSwitch work?

Our aim is to group together the collective buying power of all sports clubs so that no matter how small your club is, or how little energy you might use, you will have access to the same preferential rates that are currently reserved for huge commercial organisations such as Tesco, Unilever and AstraZenica. The impact of this will be that your club will have access to much cheaper, green energy than would be available to you on a standalone basis. Furthermore, we will ensure that the contract conditions are clear and that we address any issues or concerns with you ahead of any commitment to proceed. We will never engage in hard-selling or pressure selling  – we’ll make you an offer and leave you to decide whether you’d like to proceed. If you don’t, for whatever reason, we will respect that.

How long will I be tied in for?

We realise that you won’t necessarily want to be tied into long-term contracts. We will offer the contract length that suits you and your club. Note however, that the minimum term demanded by the energy suppliers is 12 months.

Can ClubSwitch provide access to green energy?

Yes. We will be happy to provide green energy. Please note that although we can offer access to green electricity, green gas carries a significant market premium although again, we can provide access if required.

How does ClubSwitch make money?

ClubSwitch has been established to provide a new service exclusively for the benefit of sports clubs, large and small. However, to run as a sustainable business, we do have to find a way to cover our overheads. Therefore, we do charge a small fee for the service although this is levied at the energy suppliers.

Is ClubSwitch a legitimate business?

Yes! ClubSwitch is a fully registered business. Our Company Number is 10200172 and registered office is located at 32 Waldorf Heights, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9JH

How do I contact ClubSwitch?

We are always interested in talking to sports clubs about any energy needs or other questions and would welcome any approach. Please contact us through the enquiry form on the website, or alternatively, speak to us at 01234 345 456

Are ClubSwitch tied to any specific energy supplier/s?

No. We are entirely independent and work across a wide range of energy suppliers in order to find clubs the best possible deal.

Will ClubSwitch go bust like so many other energy companies lately?

No – because we have developed a business that is independent of energy companies – we are not tied to any specific supplier or group of suppliers.

How do I know I can trust ClubSwitch?

Call us and have a chat or speak to other customers of ours – no smoke and mirrors here. If we can help you, we will – if on the other hand we determine that you’d be better sticking with your current deal, then we’ll advise you to stay.




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